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Admission Requirements M.Sc. in Economics


We encourage students with a degree in Economics and an interest in quantitative methods and economic theories to apply for admission.

The application deadline for the program starting in October is April 30.

We will accept applications from March 1st through the University of Bonn's online application portal.

We will accept complete applications only. (Exception: Students who have not received their degree certificate prior to the application deadline may submit it upon receipt.)

We will accept documents in either English or German. If you have documents written in other languages, you will need to provide a certified translation in either English or German. 

We will confirm the receipt of your application documents but we will not give out information about your application status during the application period and the selection process. All applicants will be informed about the decision of the selection committee in June

Admission to our Master program is very competitive. We receive many more applications than we have places in the program. Thus, we can admit only those students that best meet all our entry requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, you might want to apply for our Master in Economics with a specialization in Economic Research.


To be admitted to our Master program, applicants need to have:


  • A Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics or an equivalent degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts or a degree in a related field with a focus on quantitative economics) with the final grade “good” (the German grade 2,3) or better.
  • A solid background in Mathematics (differential and integral calculus, linear algebra) statistical methods (descriptive and inferential statistics) and econometrics
  • An adequate knowledge of English at level B2 CEFR (demonstrated e.g. by a TOEFL test score of 87 or higher. by an IELTS test score of 6.0 or higher, or by a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency). Applicants who have received a degree from a study program taught entirely in English do not need to provide test scores or a language certificate.

Applicants need to upload the following documents (please scroll down for explanations):

Please note that we need the documents uploaded only, we do not need the documents sent by post.

(1) Degree certificate

(2) Academic transcripts

(3) Curriculum vitae

(4) One letter of recommendation

(5) Proof of English proficiency at level B2 CEFR

(6) Bibliography

(7) APS certificate (applicants from China and Vietnam)

(8) GRE test scores
- not mandatory



(1) Please upload your degree certificate if your degree has already been completed. Please include a certified translation of your degree certificate if documents are not in German or English.

(2) Please upload your academic transcript of records, including names of courses and grades. Please include a certified translation of your academic transcripts if the original is not in German or English

(3) Please upload a current and complete curriculum vitae.

(4) Please ask one academic teacher to provide a confidential letter of recommendation to the BGSE.

Your professor may want to address the following questions:

  • How do you rate the applicant's performance in comparison to her/his fellow students?
  • How do you assess the applicant's depth and breadth of knowledge in the field?
  • How do you assess the applicant's potential to perform well in a quantitative and research-oriented Master program?

Once you have completed your online application, your professor will receive an automatically generated e-mail with instructions and an upload link.

(5) There are various ways to prove your English proficiency at level B2, among them standardized language tests and Cambridge certificates. For the TOEFL test we require test scores of 87 or higher, for the  IELTS test, scores of  6.0 or higher. We also accept  other internationally recognized language certificate such as e.g. the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

Test scores are not required if English is your native language or if  you received or will receive a degree from a study program taught entirely in English

Please make sure to upload your test scores in the online application. If you additionally want to have ETS send the TOEFL test scores directly to us, please use the following code number: 7156 (University of Bonn, M.Sc. in Economics)

(6) The Bibliography is a list (that you put together, there is no form for it) of the most important books and articles that have been used in your study program. This is required  to give us a better idea as to what has been covered in your study program. Please include 10-15 books/articles.

The list should at least include: Title, name of author, year of publication.  If  the books you used were written in languages other than German or English, please translate the title or give the title of the English original.

(7) Applicants with degrees from Chinese and Vietnamese universities also need to upload an APS certificate.

(8) GRE test scores are not mandatory, however they are strongly recommended for applicants who received their degreee from universities outside the EU. If you want to submit GRE test scores, please make sure to upload them in your online application. If you additionally want to have ETS send the GRE test scores directly to us, please use the following code number: 7156 (University of Bonn, M.Sc. in Economics)


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