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Laboratory Experiments conducted by BGSE Students

BGSE students focusing on experimental economics have the great opportunity of using the facilities of the Bonn Econ Lab. The lab was founded in 1984 by Nobel Laureate Reinhard Selten and is the oldest institution of its kind in Europe. It is at the center of innovative research in experimental economics, as is documented by publications in top international journals and by considerable research funding. In past semesters, the BGSE has financially supported the following experiments of its students:



datetitle of experiment
Si Chen / Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch10/2016Does Receiving Information on Own Previous Performance Decrease the Performance of Overconfident Individuals?
Jonas Radbruch/
Sebastian Schaube
2015/2016Troubles of a Middle-Manager - Fear of Counter-Punishment and Indirect Reciprocity


Jan Bergerhoff03/2013Loss Aversion in the Effort Domain
Benjamin Enke03/2012Motivated Beliefs and the Timing of the Resolution of Uncertainty
Benjamin Enke04/2012Correlation Neglect in Belief Formation
Benjamin Enke06/2014Selection and Polarization
Mara Ewers03/2012Risk Preferences in IPV Auctions
Gerrit Frackenpohl01/2013Sabotage and Emotions
Adrian Hillenbrand01/2014Leadership Effectiveness and Institutional Frames (before: Leadership and Entitlement in Social Dilemmas)
Adrian Hillenbrand11/2013Leadership and Entitlement in Social Dilemmas
Adrian Hillenbrand12/2012 and 12/2013The Curse of the Empty List
Radbruch, Jonas09/2014Procastination in Teams
Sebastian Schaube06/2014Peer Evaluation and Compensation
Schemes in a Real Effort Experiment
Frederik Schwerter06/2014Social Reference Points and Risk Taking
Frederik Schwerter05/2012 and 09/2012Reference Points and Risk Attitudes


Sebastian Ebert09/2008A Methodology to Test for Prudence
Mara Ewers and
Florian Zimmermann
12/2010Image, Behaviour and Overconfidence
Mara Ewers03/2010 and 08/2010Mistaken Beliefs in Asymmetric All-Pay Contests
Gerrit Frackenpohl
and Gert Pönitzsch
12/2010Bundling Public with Private Goods
Stefanie Lehmann08/2008Incentives and Personality Traits: Do Personality  Traits influence the Effectiveness of Incentive Schemes
Gert Pönitzsch04/2010The Effects of Allocating the Order in Treshold Public Goods Problem
Paul Schempp04/2011Self-Selection: A Tale of Wages and Job-Specific Motivation
Paul Schempp05/2010 and 12/2010Self-Selection: A Tale of Wages and Job-Specific Motivation
Matthias Wibral11/2007Reciprocity and Payment Schemes
Florian Zimmermann05/2009 and 08/2009Preferences for Information
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