BGSE Brown Bag Seminar 2019

Next Brown Bag Seminars will take place in winter semester 2020/21.

 BGSE Brown Bag Seminar Schedule Winter 2019/20

date time place student working title institute
Monday, November 4
09:00- 12:00  
Lecture Room N
 student working title




Institute for Macroeconomics and Econometrics

Ricardo Duque Gabriel Historical Phillips curves
Francisco Osswald do Amaral Housing Risk Across Space
Mariam Petrosyan Monetary policy in small open economy with household heterogeneity
Ana Sofia Pessoa Household Portfolios
Maximilian Weiss News shocks in a HANK model with illiquid assets



Wednesday, November 6

Juridicum Reinhard Selten Raum (0.017)
student working title Institute for Microeconomics
 12:00 Axel Niemeyer Posterior Implementability in Binary Collective Choice
 12:30 Finn Schmieter Voting with Endogenous Timing
 13:00 Justus Preusser Writing the Optimal Menue


Wednesday, November 20



Juridicum Reinhard Selten Raum (0.017)

working title


Institute for Microeconomics

12:00 Sophie Kreutzkamp Endogenous Information Acquisition in Cheap-Talk Games
12:30 Thomas Kohler Conservative Updating as an Evolutionary Advantage in Bayesian Persuasion Games


December 13


Juridicum Faculty Lounge (0.036)


 working title

Institute for Applied Microeconomics
09:00 Valentin Stumpe Do People Pay Attention to Electricity Costs? Quantifying the Salience Bias Using Smart Meter Data
09:45 Paul Schäfer Community Governance: A Property Rights Approach
11:00 Radost Holler Cooperative Behavior in 15,000 Rural Communities in the Weimar Republic
11:45 Cavit Görkem Destan Experimental Analysis of Misattribution Models
14:00 Moritz Mendel The Option Value of Human Capital Investment
14:45 Elif Bodur The Role of Parental Beliefs in Schooling Decisions
16:00 Laurenz Günther Pluralistic Ignorance
16:45 Fabian Schmitz On the Optimality of Delegating Recruitment Decisions


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