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BGSE Brown Bag Seminar Winter Semester 2021/22

In the upcoming Winter Semester of 2021/22, the following students will give a presentation as part of a BGSE Brown Bag seminar. We will continue to add dates and titles in the following weeks.

For an overview of the talks from the winter semester 2020/21, please click on Archive.

student working title institute


tba Herbst, Tobias tba Institute of Finance and Statistics
tba Höppner, Björn tba
tba Scherer, Jan Hendrik tba
November 12 Bahuguna, Shaily tba Institute for Microeconomics
tba Luther, Louis tba
tba Krähmer, Philipp tba
tba Sorbera, Silvio tba
September 12 / 13 Grimm, Maximilian The effects of mortgage market liberalization on house prices  
Institute for Macroeconomics and Econometrics
Heinemann, Peter Ambiguous Unemployment Insurance
Nam, Leanne Optimal Progressive Pension Systems in a Life-cycle Model with Heterogeneity in Job Stability
Schlattmann, Lennard Are financial crises more likely in low interest rate environmentss
Stiepelmann, Gero The Influence of Short Time Work on Labor Hoarding and Welfare
Wang, Lixing The Long-term Impact of First Job and Inequality in Lifecycle Earnings
January 21, 13:00 Laubel, Alexander Causal Evidence on Illusion of Control in a Complex Environment Institute for Applied Microeconomics
January 21, 13:45 Timmermann, Stefan Norms, Image Concerns and Information Avoidance
December 17, 12:15 Weber, Johannes Local Unemploymenmt Rates and Workers’ Labor Market Outcomes—Evidence from Germany



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