Current Workshops & Seminars


Current BGSE Workshops and Seminars

  Day/Time Schedule

Finance/ ECONtribute and CRC TR 224 Seminar

 14:45 - 16
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Econometrics and Statistics Seminar/ CRC TR 224 Seminar


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BGSE Micro Workshop/ CRC TR 224 Seminar Wednesdays
12 st - 13:00
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 Macro Workshop

   Yearly retreat  
Behavioral Economics/ Applied Micro Workshop/ CRC TR 224 Seminar in cooperation with briq institute
16 st - 17:15
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Brown Bag Seminar


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Other Workshops and Seminars of the Economics Department

  Day/Time Schedule
Micro Theory Seminar/ CRC TR 224 Seminar


16:30 - 18:00

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Macro/Econometrics/ Finance (MEF) Seminar Wednesday
12 ct - 14:00
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MacroHistory Seminar Thursdays
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ECONtribute Law Econ Workshop Tuesdays
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Young ECONtribute Program (YEP) Seminar Fridays
13:00 - 13:45
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Doctorate plusBIGS (offered by the Bonn Graduate Center, BGC)

The certificate Doctoral plus can be acquired in the following tracks: Research, Research Management, Business and Organizations Track. For more information please visit the website from BGC.

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