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Recent Placements

Our alumni have obtained prestigious positions at universities in the U.S. (e.g., Harvard, Berkeley, Penn, UCLA, Michigan, Minnesota), in Europe (e.g., University College London, Pompeu Fabra, Tilburg, Carlos III, Stockholm, Zurich) and in Germany (e.g., Mannheim, Munich, Berlin, Cologne). In addition, many now work in the non-academic sector (e.g., European Central Bank, German Central Bank, Bank of England, U.S. Federal Reserve Board, McKinsey, Boston Consulting).
Here is a chronological overview (following placements are given if known):



academic placements

Deimen, Inga   Assistant Professor, University of Arizona, USA
Dong, Daxin   Assistant Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
Knyazev, Dmitriy   Postdoc, Humboldt University Berlin  
Meier, Matthias   Assistant Professor, Mannheim University
Scherf, Robert
Research Associate, Harvard Business School, USA 
Willrodt, Jana   Postdoc, DICE, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf 
Wolf, Martin   Assistant Professor, University of Vienna, Austria

non academic (public sector)

Herold, Jens Gerrit   Sachverständigenrat zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung, Statistisches Bundesamt (German Council of Economic Experts)
Scheer, Alexander
German Central Bank

non academic (private sector)

Schickner, Benjamin
TWS Partners AG
Sobott, Jonas
Consultant, Oliver Wyman


  academic placements
Becker, Anke   Postdoc, Harvard, USA
Chen, Bo   Assistant Professor, Wuhan University, China
Cheng, Chunli   Postdoc, U Hamburg
Drerup, Tilman   Postdoc, Stanford, USA
Enke, Benjamin   Assistant Professor, Harvard, USA
Hansen, Emanuel   Assistant Professor, U Köln
Hillenbrand, Adrian   Postdoc, Max Planck Institute for Research of Collective Goods, Bonn
Kleiner, Andreas   Assistant Professor, Arizona State U, USA
Lütticke, Ralph   Assistant Professor, University College London, UK
Salish, Mirjam   Visiting Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Salish, Nazarii   Assistant Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Schilling, Linda   Assistant Professor, U Utrecht
Schwerter, Frederick   Assistant Professor, U Köln
    non academic (public sector)
Kirsch, Florian   Sachverständigenrat zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung,
Statistisches Bundesamt (German Council of Economic Experts)
Luck, Stephan   Federal Reserve Board, Washington DC
    non academic (private sector)
Aigner, Rafael   Consultant for DIW Econ, Berlin
Herbst, Holger   McKinsey & Company


2015                            academic placements
Cakici, Meral   Assistant Professor, U Piri Reis Istanbul, Turkey

Müller, Daniel

  Professor, Julius-Maximilians-U Würzburg
Roesler, Anne-Katrin   Research Associate, Northwestern U (following 2016: Assistant Professor, U Michigan)
Terstiege, Stefan   Assistant Professor, U Maastricht
Wibral, Matthias   Associate Professor, U Maastricht
    non academic (public sector)
Grodecka, Anna   Swedish Riksbank, Stockholm
Hacioglu, Sinem   Bank of England
Pham-Dao, Lien   Forschungsdaten- und Servicezentrum, Deutsche Bundesbank (Research Data and Service Centre, German Central Bank)
    non academic (private sector)
Bergerhoff, Jan   EXIST start-up stipend, financed by the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Nebeling, Thomas   Consultant, Allolio & Konrad 

2014                           academic placements
Bierbrauer, Christoph   Cologne Business School
Dizdar, Deniz   Assistant Professor, U Montréal, Canada
Fels, Markus Peter   Postdoc, KIT Karlsruhe
Hilpert, Christian   Postdoc, U Hamburg
Wellschmied, Felix   Assistant Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
    non academic (public sector)
Behn, Markus   European Central Bank 
Esser, Andreas   German Central Bank
Frackenpohl, Gerrit   Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)
Uzelac, Filip   Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)
    non academic (private sector)

Dahremöller, Carsten


Deutsche Postbank AG

academic placements
Ebert, Sebastian
Assistant Professor, U Tilburg
Göller, Daniel
Associate Professor, U of Agder, Norway
Strack, Philipp
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
Microsoft Research, Boston
Westkamp, Alexander
Assistant Professor, U Maastricht (following placement: Associate Professor, U Cologne)
Zimmermann, Florian
Postdoc, U Zurich
non academic (public sector)
Becker, Anke
Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Authority)
Decker, Thomas
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)
In addition: Visiting lecturer at University of Duisburg-Essen
Hürtgen, Patrick
Economist at the Research Center of the German Central Bank
Mirza, Harun
European Central Bank
Roling, Christoph
German Central Bank
Rühmkorf, Roland
European Central Bank
non academic (private sector)
Tjaden, Volker
Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners (following placement: Project Manager at Blue Yonder, Germany)
academic placements
Born, Benjamin
Associate Professor, U Mannheim (following placement: Professor, Bonn University)
Kranz, Sebastian
Assistant Professor, U Ulm (following placement 2014: Professor, U Ulm)
Lang, Matthias
Postdoc, HU Berlin (following placement: Assistant Professor, Free University Berlin)
Pfeifer, Johannes
Assistant professor, U Tübingen (following placement: Assistant Professor, U Mannheim)
Pönitzsch, Gert
Research Associate, Kiel Insitute for the World Economy (following placement: Research Associate, U Heidelberg)
Schwerhoff, Gregor
Postdoc, Potsdam Insitute for Climate Impact Research
Seel, Christian
Assistant Professor, U Maastricht
Szech, Nora
Professor, U Bamberg (following placement: Professor, Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology)
non academic (private sector)
Ewers, Mara
Insitut der Deutschen Wirtschaft, Cologne
Gider, Jasmin
KPMG Corporate Finance Inc. (following placement: Postdoc, U Bonn)
Homm Ulrich
Risk Management, Talanx AG
Kurka, Stephan
Ernst & Young
academic placements
Goldlücke (geb. Ohlendorf), Susanne
Assistant Professor, U Mannheim (following placement: professor, U Konstanz)
Herweg, Fabian
Assistant Professor, LMU Munich (following placement: professor, U Bayreuth)
Seithe, Mirco
Postdoc, Fraunhofer Institute
Sorge, Marco Maria
Postdoc, U Salerno, Italy (following placements: postdoc, University of Napole/Federico II, Italy; 2014: assistant professor, U Göttingen)
Westheide, Christian
Assistant Professor, U Mannheim
non academic (public sector)
Buzaushina, Almira
German Central Bank (following placement: International Monetary Fund (IMF))
Peter, Alexandra
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Tenhofen, Jörn
German Central Bank
non academic (private sector)
Ding, Wei
Global Procurement Strategy, Robert Bosch
Lehmann, Stefanie
Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
Parys, Juliane
Mc Kinsey & Company
Rieck, Thomas
Global Transfer Pricing Service, KPMG
academic placements
Mierendorff, Konrad
Senior Research Associate, U Zurich (following placement: Assistant Professor, University College London)
non academic (public sector)
Schlusche, Bernd
Economist, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
non academic (private sector)
Cadena Ibarra, Juan Marcelo
Asset Management Advisory, Ernst & Young
Koch, Stefan
Mc Kinsey & Company
academic placements
Altmann, Steffen
Postdoc, Insitute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn (following placements: Senior Research Associate, IZA and Associate Professor, U Copenhagen 2014)
Balleer, Almut
Assistant Professor, U Stockholm (following placement: Professor RWTH Aachen)
Georganas, Sotiris
Postdoc, Ohio State University (following placement: Lecturer, U of London)
Schulze, Klaas
Postdoc, U Toronto (following placement: Postdoc McMaster University; Postdoc, Swiss Finance Institute)
Weinschenk, Philipp
Research Fellow, Max Planck Insitute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn
non academic (public sector)
Marklein, Felix
Federal Ministry of Finance
Sonntag, Marcus
German Central Bank
non academic (private sector)
Engelage, Daniel
Associate, KDB Krall Demmel business Consulting GmbH (following placement: consultant, TNP True North Partners, London)
Hengelbrock, Jördis
Consultant, Oliver Wyman GmbH (following placement: analyst, Sal. Oppenheim)
Junker, Simon
Economist, Commerzbank (following placement: research associate, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW))
Matzke, Christiane
Boston Consulting Group
Further information on placements before 2009 are available here.


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