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Date: Dec 04, 2017

Collaborative Research Center Transregio 224 approved by DFG

The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) TR 224, a cooperation of the University of Bonn and the University of Mannheim has been approved by the DFG (German Research Foundation). The CRC Transregio addresses three key societal challenges, including how to promote the equality of opportunity; how to regulate markets in light of the internationalization and digitalization of economic activity; and how to safeguard the stability of the financial system.

The distinguishing feature of the CRC Transregio is that it views these challenges as inherently interconnected; its goal is to analyze and provide policy proposals that address them. The DFG will be supporting the CRC Transregio over the next four years with around nine million euros.

Dr. Sven Rady, Professor of Mathematical Economics at the University of Bonn and Spokesperson of the CRC has underlined that the CRC’s research projects will lead to novel institutional and policy solutions based on the wide-ranging methodological spectrum of expertise in theoretical and empirical economics. Furthermore, Dr. Martin Peitz, Deputy Spokesperson of the CRC highlighted that the CRC will benefit from the strong complementarities between the projects within each pillar, across the three pillars but most importantly also between the two location, Bonn and Mannheim. As a result, the CRC will be able to generate internationally visible research that highlights economics as a social science addressing societal challenges.

Official press releases can be found here.

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