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Date: Feb 23, 2017

BGSE alumni startup cooperates with Evonik

BGSE alumni, Dr. Jan Bergerhoff has founded a new startup called candidate select (CASE) together with Dr. Philipp Seegers and Max Hoyer. The startup company helps companies select the best candidates by comparing the qualifications of the applicants. The founders of the company have reached an important milestone: they signed a cooperation agreement with the specialty chemicals company Evonik Industries for a period of twelve months.


"With the know-how of the research start-up at the University of Bonn, Evonik Industries is specifically expanding its recruiting tools at this point," says Randolph Bursian, Evonik's Human Resource Manager. With the help of the innovative founders, the company wants to further optimize the coverage of its specialist requirements. The search for the best applicants is a challenge for every company, because the grades of university graduates are difficult to compare. "CASE allows us to take into account the achievements more precisely from often five or more years of studies of the applicants. Our managerial staff obtains better advice for selecting suitable candidates for open positions" says Bursian.


Statistical grades help to classify applicants. CASE uses comprehensive surveys of students, which also include aptitude tests and psychological tests. On this basis the distribution of grades of study subjects at different universities is classified using statistical methods. "The algorithm that underlies our methods comes from research at the University of Bonn," says CASE CEO Dr. Bergerhoff, who worked as a scientist for almost five years at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE). Further support came from the transfer advice of the Bonn university, which consulted the startup at the foundation. Dr. Bergerhoff developed the founding concept with his former fellow student Dr. Philipp Seegers, who has been a promoter at the University of Maastricht. The economist Max Hoyer from the University of Amsterdam later joined the founding team. Together the trio brought its idea to market maturity. Now, the spin-offs look optimistic in the future. "We are in discussions with other major customers and are hoping to finalize contracts," reports Dr. Bergerhoff. ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Post DHL and A.T. Kearney have tested the concept. Over time, CASE expects to expand its data bases and thereby optimize the comparison of the grades of candidates.

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