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Date: Feb 19, 2020

ReStart Reinhard Selten Equal Opportunity Talk – Heather Sarsons Prof. Heather Sarsons, PhD (Booth School of Business, Chicago): Commenting the gender promotion gap in academia: Why women get less credit for teamwork

March 19, 2020 17:00 at IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Schaumburg-Lippe-Straße 9, 53113 Bonn


+++ The event has been cancelled +++


Why do men get promoted more often than women? In her research, Heather Sarsons, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago Booth, explores whether bias arising from group works helps to explain the gender promotion gap. She tests, whether men receive more credit for coauthored publications than women. While solo-authored papers send a clear signal about one’s ability, coauthored papers in economics do not provide specific information about each contributor’s skills. Her research shows that women incur a penalty when they coauthor that men do not experience. As many occupations require group work and collaboration, bias can have significant implications for the gender gap in promotion decisions.

The event is part of the „ReStart – Reinhard Selten Equal Opportunity Talk“ lecture series with which ECONtribute sets a special focus on gender equality issues. Several times a year, experts from the cluster and high-ranking guests hold lectures that highlight various aspects of gender equality and bring them to the attention of a broad audience of scientists and the interested public. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to deepen topics addressed in a relaxed atmosphere and to establish new networks.

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