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briq - Institute on Behavior & Inequality

Since 2016, the Institute on Behavior & Inequality (briq) and the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) have a formal agreement for the promotion of young researchers. About 25 selected BGSE students directly benefit from this cooperation through scholarships. 

Apart from funding, briq supports BGSE students in their implementation of innovative research projects in the fields of behavioral economics with a focus on inequality. Reciprocal participation in workshops and other events such as summer schools provides a basis for a professional and intense exchange.

current briq fellows:
Andre, Peter (since October 2016)
Apenbrink, Christian (since September 2017)
Bodur, Elif (since April 2018)
Chopra, Felix (since October 2016)
Ehrmanntraut, Laura (since August 2016)
Freyer, Timo (since October 2016)
Gabler, Janos (since October 2016)
Graeber, Thomas (since October 2016)
Han, Jua-Jing (since October 2016)
Henkel, Jan Luca (since July 2017)
Ho, Chui Yee (since April 2018)
Hofmeier, Jana (since August 2016)
Kießling, Lukas (since August 2016)
Klümper, Andreas (since August 2016)
Kohler, Thomas (since April 2018)
Kulms, Marius (since August 2016)
Neuber, Thomas (since August 2016)
Röhrl, Clara (since October 2016)
Schmieden, Johannes Albert (since April 2018)
Stötzer, Lasse (since August 2016)
Walter, Sven (since August 2016)
Zimpelmann, Christian (since August 2016)

former briq fellows:
Basic, Zvonimir (August 2016 - September 2017)
Dohmen, Martin (October 2016 - March 2018, changed to RTG 2281)
Radbruch, Jonas (October 2016 - September 2017)
Schaube, Sebastian (August and September 2016)
Stans, Renske (August 2016 - December 2017)
Strang, Louis (October 2016 . March 2018, changed to CRC TR 224)
Walders, Fabian (October 2016 - September 2017)
Winkelmann, Justus (October 2016 - March 2018, changed to CRC TR 224)


Initiated by the Deutsche Post Foundation, briq promotes innovative thinking and research in the fields of behavioral economics and the sources of inequality. briq also provides a platform for the exchange of novel ideas and an infrastructure for the cooperation of international, top-level researchers.

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