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Collaborative Research Center Transregio 224

The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) TR 224, since 2018 a cooperation of the University of Bonn and the University of Mannheim, addresses key societal challenges such as equality of opportunity, market regulation in times of internationalization and digitalization, and stability of the financial system.

Regular workshops, conferences and other events have been established as a basis for a professional and intense exchange.

About 24 BGSE stundents are currently members of the CRC TR 224.


current  CRC TR 224 student fellows

scholarship holders:


fellowship holders:

Chopra, Felix Anand (since March 2019)
Ehrmantraut, Laura (February 2019)
Gabler, Janos (since May 2018)
Henkel, Jan Luca (since January 2019)
Kattwinkel, Deniz (since January 2018)
Knoepfle, Jan (since March 2018)
Kozakiewicz, Marta (since October 2018)
Luxen, Christina (since September 2019)
Lahr, Patrick (since May 2018)
Mendel, Moritz (since February 2019)
Neuber, Thomas (since January 2018)
Preusser, Justus (since June 2020)
Rachidi, Tobias (since September 2019)
Röhrl, Klara (since May 2018)
Schmieter, Finn (since June 2020)
Schulze Tilling, Anna (since June 2020)
Wogrolly, Axel (since January 2018)
Zimpelmann, Christian (since January 2018)


former CRC TR 224 fellows:

Chen, Si (graduated 2020)
Gräber, Thomas (graduated 2018)
Heese, Carl (graduated 2020)
Hofmeier, Jana (graduated 2019)
Kießling, Lukas (graduated 2020)
Klein, Saskia (graduated 2019)
Radbruch, Jonas (graduated 2020)
Speit, Andre (graduated 2020)
Stans, Renske Adriana (graduated 2020)
Strang, Louis (graduated 2019)
Winkelmann, Justus (graduated 2018) 


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