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Research Training Group: The Macroeconomics of Inequality

Economic inequality shapes our times. Research training group 2281 provides a unique research environment that brings together ambitious doctoral students, expert members of the University of Bonn econ faculty, and external academics. RTG 2281 is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The research program focuses on the macroeconomic aspects of inequality, an aspect of first-order importance for society. What are the facts of inequality that matter for macroeconomic outcomes? How shall fiscal, financial, and monetary policy take account of the trends in inequality?


current RTG fellows:

Albert, Branislav (since April 2018)

Arvai, Kai (since April 2018)

Bartscher, Alina (since April 2018)

Dähne, Lisa (since April 2018)

Dobkowitz, Sonja (since April 2019)

Dohmen, Martin (since April 2018)

Duque Gabriel, Ricardo (since April 2019)

Gnewuch, Matthias (since April 2018)

Ignaszak, Marek (since April 2018) 

Pessoa, Sofia (since April 2019)

Petrosyan, Mariam (since April 2019)

ter Steege, Lukas (since April 2018)

Ploj, Gasper (since April 2018)

Weiß, Max (since April 2019)

Zhuravleva, Nadezhda (since September 2018)


former RTG fellows:

Liu, Peng (graduated July 2019)


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