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name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Kießling, Lukas Essays in Applied Microeconomics   Lorenz Götte
Scheer, Alexander Three Essays in Macroeconomics   Gernot Müller


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Hartung, Ben The Macroeconomic Causes and Consequences of Changing Labor Mobility and Unemployement   Petr Sedlácek  
Hettig, Thomas Three Essays in International Macroeconomics   Gernot Müller  
Hofmeier, Jana Four Economic Experiments on Social Preferences   Lorenz Götte  
Hols, Christopher Roots and Consequences of Financial Distortions   Isabel Schnabel  
Klein, Saskia Essays in Microeconomic Theory   Dezsö Szalay  
Kocaata, Zeki Essays on Empirical Banking   Isabel Schnabel  
Kotidis, Antonis Essays on Financial Regulation   Isabel Schnabel  
Kuvshinov, Dmitry Essays in Macro-Finance   Moritz Schularick  
Liu, Peng Three Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics and Finance   Christian Bayer  
Scherf, Robert Essays in Public Finance   Martin Hellwig  
Schran, Felix Essays on Workers Self Selection and Wage Inequality   Hans-Martin von Gaudecker  
Strang, Louis Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics   Lorenz Götte  


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Basic, Zvonimir Essays on Image Concerns and Norm-Enforcing Behavior   Armin Falk
Essays in Microeconomic Theory   Dezsö Szalay
Chen, Yao Essays in International Economics   Keith Kuester
Graeber, Thomas Essays on Beliefs and Economic Behavior   Armin Falk
Herold, Jens Three Essays in Empirical and Theoretical Macroeconomics: Implications for Monetary and Fiscal Policy   Christian Bayer
Four Essays in Auction Theory and Contest Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Mann, Katja Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Integration, Demographic Aging and Automation Technology   Jürgen von Hagen


Contributions to Functional Data Analysis with a Focus on Points of Impact in functional Regression   Alois Kneip
Püttmann, Lukas Essays on the Use of Unstructured Data in Macroeconomics   Jürgen von Hagen
Schaube, Sebastian Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics   Sebastian Kube    
Walders, Fabian Three Essays in Econometrics   Alois Kneip    
Ward, Felix Essays in International Macroeconomics and Financial Crisis Forecasting   Moritz Schularick
Willrodt, Jana Empirical evidence on the determinants of economic decision-making   Armin Falk
Winkelmann, Justus Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Essays on Information Transmission and its Effects in Markets with Imperfect Competition   Dennis Gärtner
Dong, Daxin Essays on Macroeconomic Policies in Developing Countries   Thomas Hintermaier
Essays on the Macroeconomic Consequences of Microeconomic Frictions   Christian Bayer
Meier, Matthias Essays in Macroeconomics and Macroeconometrics   Gernot Müller
Schickner, Benjamin Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Schilling, Linda Essays on Market Microstructure in Finance and Health   Eugen Kovac
Sobott, Jonas Essays in Financial Economics   Rainer Haselmann
Vosen, Agnes Asymmetrics in Contests and Women in Academia   Matthias Kräkel
Wolf, Martin Three essays in International Macroeconomics: Development in the euro area crisis   Christian Bayer


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Becker, Anke Four Essays in Economic Preferences   Armin Falk
Chen, Bo Essays in Applied Microeconomic Theory   Daniel Krähmer
Deimen, Inga Essays on Information and Communication in Microeconomic Theory   Dezsö Szalay
Enke, Benjamin On the Formation and Economic Implications of Subjective Beliefs and Individual Preferences   Armin Falk
Frommeyer, Tim Julius Essays in Economic Theory   Dezsö Szalay
Gamp, Tobias Essays in Behavioral Industrial Organization   Daniel Krähmer
Gleim, Alexander Essays in Statistics   Christian Pigorsch
Hacioglu, Sinem Essays on  Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics   Matei Demetrescu
Herbst, Holger Rent-Seeing Contests and Interdependent Preferences   Daniel Krähmer
Hillenbrand, Adrian Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics   Sebastian Kube
Lütticke, Ralph Heterogeneity in Household Portfolios and its Implication for Fiscal and Monetary Policy   Christian Bayer
Nebeling, Thomas Three Essays in Econometrics   Jörg Breitung
Kirsch, Florian Essays in Macroeconomics   Gernot Müller
Kleiner, Andreas Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Pham-Dào, Lien Income Risk, Self-Insurance and Public Policies: Consequences for Aggregate Fluctuations and Wealth Inequality   Christian Bayer
Salish, Mirjam Information Externalities and Strategic Interaction   Sven Rady
Salish, Nazarii Essays on Heterogeneity and Non-Linearity in Panel Data and Time Series Models   Matei Demetrescu
Schwerter, Frederik Essays in Behavioral and Experimental Economics   Armin Falk


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Bergerhoff, Jan Reference Dependent Preferences in Contests and Non-Cognitive Ability in the Labour Market   Sebastian Kube
Cheng, Chunli Essays on Defined Benefit Pension Insurance and Participating Life Insurance   An Chen
Grodecka, Anna Essays on Business Cycles   Jürgen von Hagen
Ketelaar, Felix Essays on Multidimensional Information   Dezsö Szalay
Kosse, Fabian Individual Heterogeneities, Social Environment and Life Outcomes   Armin Falk
Luck, Stephan Essays on Financial Stabilty   Martin Hellwig
Roesler, Anne-Katrin Four Essays in Microeconomic Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Schempp, Paul Essays on Financial Stability   Martin Hellwig
Yokeeswaran, Venuga Essays in Applied Microeconomics   Dezsö Szalay


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Aigner, Rafael Essays in Public Economics   Martin Hellwig
Behn, Markus Five Essays on Bank Regulation   Rainer Haselmann
Deckers, Thomas Essays in Applied Econometrics and Behavioral Economics   Armin Falk
Drerup, Tilman Essays in Empirical Finance   Erik Theissen
Drexl, Moritz Five Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Fels, Markus Peter On Avoidance and Neglect as Barriers to Informed Decision-Making: Three Essays in Behavioral Economics   Paul Heidhues
Frackenpohl, Gerrit Essays in Applied Microeconomics   Sebastian Kube
Hansen, Emanuel Essays in Public Economics   Martin Hellwig
Hilpert, Christian The Impact of Bounded Rationality on Equity-linked Life Insurance and Technical Trading   An Chen
Litterscheid, Sina Essays on Contract, Mechanism and Information Revelation   Dezsö Szalay
Pönitzsch, Gert Essays on Collective Action   Sebastian Kube
Roling, Christoph Three Essays in Econometrics   Jörg Breitung
Rühmkorf, Ronald Sovereign Borrowing and Sovereign Default   Gernot Müller
Storjohann, Lidia  Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics    Alois Kneip
Uzelac, Filip Four Essays in Equity-Linked Life and Pension Insurance: Financial Analysis of Surrender Guarantees, Pension Guarantee Funds and Pension Retirement Plans   An Chen


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Dahremöller, Carsten Strategic Product Placement and Pricing in Markets with Inattentive Consumers   Matthias Kräkel
Dizdar, Deniz Four Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu
Esser, Andreas Essays on Convergence and Synchronization   Jörg Breitung
Hewer, Michael Essays on Economic Analysis of Corporate and Public Law
  Urs Schweizer
Hürtgen, Patrick Three Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics   Gernot Müller
Grunewald, Andreas Essays of Applied Microeconomics   Paul Heidhues
Mirza, Harun Essays in Macroeconomics   Jürgen von Hagen
Strack, Philipp Five Essays in Economic Theory   Paul Heidues
Terstiege, Stefan Essays in Contract Theory   Daniel Krähmer
Tjaden, Volker Three Essays on the Interaction of Microeconomic Frictions and Macroeconomic Outcomes   Christian Bayer
Wagner, Christoph Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics   Paul Heidhues
Wellschmied, Felix Essays on Labor Market Risk and Asset-Based Income Insurance   Monika Merz
Zimmermann, Florian Essays in Behavioral Economics   Armin Falk


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Bierbrauer, Christoph Essays on Fiscal Policy on a Monetary Union   Jürgen von Hagen
Ewers, Mara Overconfidence and Loss Aversion in Economic Decision Making   Matthias Kräkel
Gider, Jasmin Four Essays in Empirical Finance  
Erik Theissen
Homm, Ulrich Econometric Analysis of Financial Risk and Correlation   Jörg Breitung
Kurka, Stephan Essays in Monetary Theory   Jürgen von Hagen
Lang, Matthias Contracting in the Presence of Uncertainty  
Martin Hellwig
Li, Jing Pricing and Risk Management of Basket FX Derivates and Unit-Linked Insurance Contracts   Klaus Sandmann
Pfeifer, Johannes Fiscal News, Uncertainty and the Business Cycle   Gernot Mueller
Schwerhoff, Gregor Essays on Parental Leave, Global Disinflation, and Non-Renewable Resources   Martin Hellwig


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Born, Benjamin Four Essays in Econometrics and Macroeconomics   Jörg Breitung
Buzaushina, Almira Essays in International Macroeconomics   Jürgen von Hagen
Ding, Wei Essays on Auctions, Tournaments, and Imperfect Competition   Anja Schöttner
Ebert, Sebastian Treatment of Double Default Effects within the Basel Regulatory Framework and a theoretical and an Experimental Investigation of Higher-Order Risk Preferences   Eva Lütkebohmert-Holtz
Göller, Daniel Essays in Law and Economics   Urs Schweizer
Lehmann, Stefanie Incentives in Personnel Economics   Matthias Kräkel
Parys, Juliane Essays in Labor Economics   Jörg Breitung
Peter, Alexandra Essays in Macroeconomics   Gernot Müller
Rieck, Thomas Essays on Information Disclosure in Auctions and Contests   Benny Moldovanu
Seel, Christian Four Essays in Economic Theory   Tymon Tatur
Seithe, Mirko Topics in Behavioural Economics   Armin Falk
Sorge, Marco Maria Essays in Dynamic Macroeconomics and Political Economy   Martin Hellwig
Tenhofen, Jörn Essays in Econometrics and Macroeconomics   Jörg Breitung
Westheide, Christian Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing and Investor Behavior   Erik Theissen


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Cadena Ibarra, Juan Marcelo On Modeling and Measuring Credit, Recovery and Liquidity Risks   Frank Riedel
Cakici, Sahibe Meral Financial Frictions and Business Cycles
  Jürgen von Hagen
Koch, Stefan Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing: Liquidity, Idiosyncratic Risk, and the Conditional Risk-Return Relation   Erik Theissen
Mierendorff, Konrad Essays on Dynamic Mechanism Design   Benny Moldovanu
Müller, Daniel Essays in Applied Microeconomics and Management   Urs Schweizer
Schlusche, Bernd Essays on the Efficiency of Financial Markets   Erik Theissen
Szech, Nora Five Essays in Economic Theory   Benny Moldovanu


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Altmann, Steffen Social Preferences and Incentives in the Workplace   Armin Falk
Balleer, Almut On the Implications of Unobserved Technology and Preference Shifts for Aggregate Labor Demand and Supply   Monika Merz
Engelage, Daniel On Dynamic Coherent and Convex Risk Measures: Risk Optimal Behavior and Information Gains   Frank Riedel
Georganas, Sotiris Experimental and Theoretical Essays on Auctions and Financial Markets   Reinhard Selten
(geb. Ohlendorf), Susanne
Essays on Optimal Contracts and Renegotiation   Urs Schweizer
Hengelbrock (geb. Klar), Jördis Essays on Liquidity in Financial Markets   Erik Theissen
Herweg, Fabian Essays in Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics   Paul Heidhues
Junker, Simon Learning in Microeconomics: An Empirical Approach   Jürgen von Hagen
Marklein, Felix Essays in Behavioral Public Economics   Armin Falk
Matzke, Christiane Bounded Rationality, Heterogeneity and Learning   Frank Riedel
Schulze, Klaas Essays on Dual Risk Measures and the Asymptotic Term Structure   Frank Riedel
Sonntag, Marcus Wage-Setting over the Business Cycle and the Effect of Employment Protection on Human Capital Formation   Monika Merz
Weinschenk, Philipp Essays in Microeconomics   Martin Hellwig
Westkamp, Alexander Essays on Matching Markets   Benny Moldovanu
Wibral, Matthias Essays on Social Preferences, Incentives, and Institutions   Armin Falk


name title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Abeler, Johannes Essays in Behavioral Economics   Armin Falk
Benz, Eva The Price of CO2 Allowance in the European Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme: A Theoretical, Experimental and Empirical Study   Erik Theissen
Brandl, Michael CPPI Strategies in Discrete Time   Klaus Sandmann
Brei, Michael The Role of External Shocks in Emerging Market Crisis   Jürgen von Hagen
Crivelli, Ernesto Issues on Subnational Public Finance and Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations   Jürgen von Hagen
Fries, Oliver Essays on Adaptive Learning with Applications to Monetary Policy   Jürgen von Hagen
Gaul, Jürgen Three Essays on Unit Root an Nonlinear Co-Integrated Processes   Jörg Breitung
Goldfayn, Ekaterina Essays on Organization and Incentives in R&D and on Compatibility in two-sided Markets   Avner Shaked
Jäger, Simon Nonlinear and Stochastic Dynamical Systems, Modeling Price Dynamics - Aspects of Financial Economics in Oil Markets   Klaus Sandmann
Kranz, Sebastian Essays on Moral Norms, Legal Unbundling and Franchise Systems   Paul Heidhues
Metzger (geb. Koch), Lars Evolution in Structured Populations   Frank Riedel
Paluch, Michal Heterogeneity in Economics and Aggregation   Werner Hildenbrand
Schiffbauer, Marc A Contribution to the Determinants of Total Factor Productivity Growth   Jürgen von Hagen
Schröder, David Four Essays on Investment   Erik Theissen
Su, Xia Essays on Hedging Basket Options and Irreversible Investment Valuation   Frank Riedel, Klaus Sandmann
Suchanecki, Michael The pricing and hedging of barrier options and their applications in finance and life insurance   Dieter Sondermann


title of dissertation   thesis supervisor
Chen, An Risk Management of Life Insurance Contracts with Interest Rate and Return Guarantees and an Analysis of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Procedures   Klaus Sandmann
Evers, Michael Essays on International Policy Coordination in Independent Economies   Jürgen von Hagen
Lauermann, Stephan Dynamic Matching and Bargaining Games: Towards a General Perspective   Georg Nöldeke
Ludwig, Sandra Essays on the Effect of Information on Incentives and on People´s Awareness and Assessment of Biases   Avner Shaked
Merzyn, Wolfram Market Behavior and Market Interaction under Incomplete Information: Theory and Empirical Implications   Georg Nöldeke
Nafziger, Julia Information and Incentives in Organizations   Urs Schweizer
Niemann, Stefan Essays on Monetary Policy Interactions with Fiscal Policy and Financial Markets   Monika Merz


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