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Laboratory Experiments conducted by our Doctoral Students

BGSE students focusing on experimental economics have the great opportunity of using the facilities of the Bonn Econ Lab. The lab was founded in 1984 by Nobel Laureate Reinhard Selten and is the oldest institution of its kind in Europe. It is at the center of innovative research in experimental economics, as is documented by publications in top international journals and by considerable research funding. In past semesters, the BGSE has supported the following experiments of its students:



  date   research output


Musolff, Robin   October 2021   title of experiment: Framing changes in inequality
Timmermann, Stefan   August 2021   title of experiment: Norms in the DWK Game
Laubel, Alexander   July 2021   title of experiment: Illusion of Control
Schulze Tilling, Anna   April 2021   title of experiment: Quantifying the role of greenhouse gas emissions in consumption choice
Günther, Laurenz   January 2021   title of experiment: Debias the People or Fix the Problem? - Which lessons should we draw from the Refugee Crisis?


Apenbrink, Christian   December 2020   title of experiment: The Labor Productivity Cost of worrying about an epidemic
Destan, Cavit Görkem   November 2020   title of experiment: An Experimental Analysis of Misattribution Models
Freyer, Timo   October 2020   title of experiment: Task Autonomy, Motivation and Performance
Amelio, Andrea   October 2020   title of experiment: Cognitive Uncertainty and Overconfidence
Henkel, Luca   August 2020   title of experiment: Experimental Evidence on the Relationship between Perceived Ambiguity and Likelihood Intensitivity
Musolff, Robin   June 2020   title of experiment: Aktive Financial Stakes and Belief Updating
Heuser, Sven   February 2020   title of experiment: Self-Serving Attribution


Ehrmantraut, Laura   December 2019   title of experiment: Freedom of Choice

Heuser, Sven;
Stötzer, Lasse

  October 2019   title of experiment: Self-Serving Attribution
Günther, Laurenz Richard Kuno   September 2019   title of experiement: The Role of Image Concerns for Self-Handicapping
Apenbrink, Christian; Freyer, Timo   July 2019   title of experiment: Motivated Beliefs and Self-Control
Henkel, Luca   May 2019   title of experiment: Ambiguity as a Determinant of Discounting
Freyer, Timo   2019   title of experiment: Task Autonomy, Motivation and Performance
Chopra, Felix Anand   2019   Felix Chopra, Igar Haaland, and Christopher Roth. "Do People Value More Informative Rules?". In: CRC TR 224 Discussion Paper Series, No. 155 (February 2020). 


Chen, Si   November 2018   title of experiment: Stress and Risk Preferences
Chen, Si   October & November 2018   Si Chen, and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch. "Looking at the bright side: The motivational value of confidence". In: European Economic Review 120 (November 2019). (Part I of the experiment conducted in 2016)
Gräber, Thomas   June 2018   Lorenz Goette, Thomas Graeber, and Alexandre Kellog. "Heterogeneity of Gain-Loss Attitudes and Expectations-Based Reference Points". Working Paper (October 2020).
Andre, Peter   June 2018   title of experiment: Social Norms and Intergroup Discrimination
Chen, Si   2018   Si Chen, and Carl Heese. "Motivated Information Acquisition in Social Decisions". In: CRC TR 224 Dicussion Paper Series, No. 223 (October 2020). 


Hofmeier, Jana   December 2017   Jana Hofmeier. "Image Concerns and the Dynamics of Prosocial Behavior". In: Dissertation "Four Economic Experiments on Social Preferences" (October 2019). 
Kozakiewicz, Marta   November 2017   Lorenz Götter, and Marta Kozakiewicz. "Experimental Evidence on Misguided Learning". Working Paper (May 2020). 
Ananyev, Mikhail   July 2017   Mikhail Ananyev. "Shifting Responsibility: Leadership in Asymmetric Public Goods Game". Working Paper (March 2019). 


Willrodt, Jana   July & November 2016   Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, and Jana Willrodt. "Salience of own Preferences and the Consensus Effect?". In: Dissertation "Empirical evidence on the determinants of economic decision-making" (2018). 
Chen, Si   September 2016   Si Chen, and Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch. "Looking at the Bright Side: The Motivational Value of Confidence". In: European Economic Review 120 (November 2019). (Part II of the experiment conducted in 2018)
Radbruch, Jonas   May 2016   Sebastian J. Goerg, Sebastian Kube, and Jonas Radbruch. "The Effectiveness of Incentive Schemes in the Presence of implicit Effort Costs". In: Management Science, 65(9) (July 2019) 4063-4078.  
Schwerter, Frederik; Strang, Louis   May 2016   Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Holger Gerhardt, Gerhard Riener, Frederik Schwerter, and Louis Strang. "Concentration Bias in Intertemporal Choice". Revision requested at the Review of Economic Studies. 
Willrodt, Jana   March 2016   Thomas J. Dohmen, Sione Quercia, and Jana Willrodt. "Willingness to Take Risk: The Role of Risk Conception and Optimism". In: CRC TR 224 Discussion Paper Series, No. 023 (June 2018). 
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